Poppy Bouquet Card


I created my Mom a card with a bouquet of paper poppy flowers inside. First, I made a triangle for the bouquet, and colored it. Next, I drew poppies onto red paper and cut them out. Then, I used markers to design the middle of the flowers to make them more realistic. Also, I made, colored, and cut out leaves and stems. After that, I connected the leaves, to the stems, and glued that to the flowers and glued the bottom of the stems to the bouquet. Later on, I glued the bouquet of flowers to the card. Next, I designed the card and drew balloons and confetti. It took me about two hours to finish this beautiful card.


Painted Galaxy Stapler


I first made the base color for my stapler with a dark purple acrylic paint. I decided to only paint the top half galaxy. After I painted the base color for my stapler, I used sparkly nail polish to make the stars. Then, I created a small milky way on the side with base nail polish and added sparkly nail polish. After that, I coated the whole thing in clear nail polish. It took me about one hour to finish the galaxy stapler. I also made galaxy staples to match the stapler.

The Magical Unicorns


I needle-felted the first unicorn using the colors, white, pink, light blue, and purple. The second unicorn used the colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. I started making the body, then the head, then the legs, and finally, the wings and horn. Each unicorn took around 4-6 hours to make. After I made each unicorn, I lightly sprinkled it with glitter powder.

Blue Banner Birthday Card


This card was made for my Dad’s birthday. The background is painted blue and purple because they are my Dad’s favorite colors. I cut triangles to make the banners and I also cut string and curled it. I then attached the banners to the curled string. I put silver lines in the background so it could represent confetti. My Dad loved my hand-made card.

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